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Steam Trap Supply is Now the Largest Stocking Steam Trap Distributor in the United States

When it comes to steam traps they carry all the standard types of steam trap: thermostatic traps, thermodynamic traps, float and thermostatic traps, and inverted bucket traps. The brands that they always have in stock are: Armstrong, Barnes & Jones, Hoffman, Mepco, Nicholson, Spirax Sarco, and Tunstall.

Steam Trap Supply is a go to place for steam needs. Their Spirax Sarco industrial thermo-dynamic disc traps are recommended for: high pressure, sterilizers, laundry and kitchen equipment, steam kettles,tracer lines, process equipment.Their operation is intermittent, discharging condensate very near to steam temperature. It is unaffected by waterhammer or superheat. Thet are excellent to: corrosion resistance, freezing conditions, and ability to purge the system.

The quality of steam traps used influences an entire steam system’s function and reliability. To get the best and most trusted steam traps visit Steam Trap Supply. Thier wide range of Armstrong traps includes the remarkable trap valve station that integrates valves and traps into one versatile package. The bonuses are quicker installation, self-cleaning action, in-line repairability, and more!

Steam Trap Supply also carries Mepco Steam Traps. “MEPCO is an industry pioneer in the design and manufacture of engineered steam and hydronic solutions. Tracing its history back in 1925, MEPCO has successfully established itself as one of the authorities on heat transfer through the efforts of its resident engineering genius” - David Nelson Crosthwait, Jr.

Mepco steam traps are your ideal choice for your home or business. Mepco steam traps and Mepco valves are engineered and manufactured with the guiding principles of innovation, quality, and longevity. A.L.B. Industrial Supplies, Inc. carries a full line of Mepco steam traps and Mepco valves.

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