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Stratum Consulting Partners Certifies Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater on PAS 55 Asset Management

Stratum Consulting Partners, an Endorsed Assessor of PAS 55, performed the certification. Tracy Smith, Vice President of Stratum, notified Bill Miller, WRA Maintenance Administrator, of their achievement on May 21st, 2012.

Smith states, “We are very pleased to award WRA this certification. WRA achieved PAS 55 certification by demonstrating that they have established, documented, implemented, and are continuing to improve a quality management system for the whole life management of their assets and infrastructure. The WRA Asset Management System (AMS) directs the planning, investing, operating, maintaining, and disposing of WRA equipment and infrastructure. WRA’s well-tuned AMS allows them to achieve their primary objective of recycling wastewater in reliable quantities and in an environmentally compliant and sustainable manner, while ensuring the health and safety of employees, customers, and the public.”

Des Moines WRA is made up of 17 metro area municipalities, counties, and sewer districts. As the preferred treatment facility for hauled liquid wastes, they work together to protect public health and to enhance the environment by recycling wastewater.

Miller said, “Effective and efficient asset management is a team effort. Even though the Maintenance and Operations departments took the lead, many parts of the business were involved in setting and exceeding the standards that attracted this certification. This certification should be viewed as recognition for the entire Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority organization.”

All physical assets operated by WRA were included in the PAS 55 certification process. “Asset management excellence is a key priority for our business,” Miller said. “We utilize our assets to deliver dynamic and responsive wastewater conveyance and treatment services that provide high value to our customers.”

Stratum Consulting Partners is an asset management consulting and technology services firm. Stratum is a member of the Institute of Asset Management and certified to deliver PAS 55 gap analysis and accreditation services. For more information on PAS 55 and asset management best practices, please contact Tracy Smith at 615.745.3390.

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