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Stratum releases Asset Integrator

Stratum Consulting Partners’ newest technology, the Asset Integrator (AI), bridges the informational gap between the operational and business layers of an organization that has previously compromised asset management operations and maintenance effectiveness. By integrating Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems with production control (SCADA, HMI, Historian) and building automation systems, AI passes asset performance data, such as energy usage, run time and condition information directly to the EAM system for real-time monitoring, tracking, alerts, auto-work order creation and analysis, achieving a one-stop shop in the EAM system for all asset information - as it was intended.

Asset performance data is at the heart of reliability-centered and condition-based maintenance programs. Energy usage, meter readings, and condition data can predict equipment failures before they happen, eliminate unnecessary calendar-based inspections, identify failure patterns, schedule maintenance at the right time and increase maintenance productivity. Getting quick and efficient access to this information is critical to implementing proactive maintenance strategies. AI allows maintenance to be performed based on objective evidence of need or the condition of the asset and not solely on historical worst-case failure rates, which improves equipment effectiveness, reduces maintenance costs and helps clients capitalize on the full life cycle potential of the equipment.

System integration like this has previously been complex, expensive, risky, and only undertaken by large IT departments or system integrators. Different types of databases, table structures and system constraints have added costs and headaches to the process of getting systems to communicate. AI simplifies system integration by providing several simple mechanisms to transfer (“push” or “pull”) data from your in house control systems or databases to EAM, using common file or database formats.

Advancements in technology, use of open XML communication standards and Service Oriented Architectures are bringing down the cost and complexity of system integration. Improvements in technology are allowing progressive enterprises to take advantage of widely available integration technologies and platforms to realize both the benefits of best-in-class EAM system functionality and the sharing of critical asset information. Integration is becoming a standard and within reach of all sizes of business, revolutionizing how organizations view and perform maintenance.

Stratum’s AI is placing the right data into the hands of the right people at the right time providing maintenance with access to the data they need in order to optimize asset management operations.

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