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Syclo Showcases Portfolio of BlackBerry Apps at BlackBerry World

“We’re seeing a big shift in who wants to use our applications and how,” said Rich Padula, Syclo’s founder and CEO. “On the one hand, there is increased demand for business applications outside traditional field worker groups. We are now delivering mobile tools for every part of our customers’ value chains - from suppliers to office staff to consumers. On the other hand, even employees who already use complex applications on laptops and ruggedized handhelds now ask for BlackBerry smartphone applications for select parts of their work. These factors make our investments in the BlackBerry platform very worthwhile.”

Syclo’s applications are built as BlackBerry “Super Apps,” featuring real-time data push technology and tight integration with the BlackBerry® Inbox, calendar, phone and peripherals. This helps Syclo deliver rich mobile application functionality while preserving the high level of user experience that BlackBerry smartphone users expect.

“When we set out to extend our SMART Mobile Suite applications to the BlackBerry platform, our goal wasn’t to replicate the full breadth of functionality on the BlackBerry smartphone,” said Paul Chiapuris, Syclo VP of Software Engineering. “It was to mold a complex mobile application around the way that users interact with their devices. With BlackBerry smartphones, this meant using the inbox as the launching pad for everything from work assignments to approval requests to detailed work orders. By incorporating these enterprise workflows into the employee’s everyday message flow, we can deliver a seamless experience and speedy execution of business processes in the field”.

Among the applications demonstrated at the annual Orlando, FL event are SMART Service Manager, SMART Work Manager and SMART Approval Manager.

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