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Tacoma Zach, CEO of Uberlytics, Presenting On Criticality Analysis at Solutions Conference

Uberlytics is pleased to announce that CEO Tacoma Zach has been selected as a speaker at Solutions 2.0 this summer. The Solutions 2.0 conference is focused on showing how Asset Information Management helps asset owners to scale and apply appropriate solutions for asset challenges. Topics include Asset Information Management, Asset Condition Management and Asset Management Leadership.

Tacoma Zach’s presentation, Criticality Analysis is 42, will show how understanding the true criticality of systems and assets enables asset ranking and prioritization of asset management activities and resources.

Inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy, where Arthur Dent discovers that the answer to the “Ultimate Question About Life, the Universe and Everything” is 42, Tacoma will show how completing and maintaining a criticality analysis will positively impact or influence all aspects of asset management.

“The success of an asset management program depends on making the best decisions in establishing priorities and allocating resources,” he says. “You can make better decisions if you have the right decision support. The whole Solutions 2.0 conference is focused on decision support and I’m so pleased to be a part of it.”

Tacoma Zach, P.Eng (Ontario and Alberta) is a Certified Reliability Leader and CEO of Uberlytics, experts in criticality analysis. With over two decades in operations under his belt, he now helps organizations discover what’s most critical to their mission and use that information to optimize their asset management. He is currently writing a book Criticality Made Simple which will be published later this year.

About Uberlytics
Uberlytics provides best in class criticality analysis software and consulting to asset intensive organizations like refineries, complex industry, power utilities, and municipal water and wastewater utilities. The Uberlytics Criticality Analyzer is a sophisticated, highly configurable and powerful software tool for efficient and rapid facility-wide criticality analysis, designed to discover unidentified risk, and is part of any ISO 55000 compliant AM program. Uberlytics also offers Service Interruption Risk Assessment.

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