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Technologies to Deliver Enterprise Mobility Solutions to SAP Users

COLUMBIA, Md.—PEAK Technologies, a Platinum Equity company, today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Sky Technologies to provide PEAK with an SAP-centric technology platform for extending enterprise-data to the mobile workforce. The partnership will leverage PEAK’s experience and capabilities in SAP supply chain and logistics mobility applications with Sky Technologies’ SAP-centric and certified technology platform.

With a strong focus on innovation, Sky Technologies has developed a technology platform to deliver middleware free mobility, lower cost of integration, and fully functional business templates that are embedded within SAP.

“Our partnership with Sky Technologies allows PEAK to extend the reach and mobility of SAP to new applications and business processes both inside and outside the four walls of our customer’s operations,” said Tim Wills, vice president of marketing, PEAK Technologies. “The Sky Mobile platform supports real-time and stand-alone modes of operation which ensures our customers’ mobile workforce can communicate in real-time to SAP, or operate independent of any network connection,” added Wills.

With a strong focus on providing data collection, enterprise printing and real-time information integration solutions for SAP supply chain and logistics applications for the past 11 years, PEAK will leverage the partnership with Sky Technologies to target other SAP mobility applications such as field service automation, plant maintenance and work order-based applications, proof of delivery, mobile merchandising, and other industrial mobility applications that are an extension of the supply chain.

“We are extremely excited to add PEAK to our portfolio of strategic partners. Our partnership will combine PEAK’s business process knowledge and SAP experience with Sky Technologies’ proven technology platform to seamlessly integrate mobile solutions with existing business processes and help customers generate the maximum value from their ongoing investment in SAP,” said Bruce Johnson, president, Americas, Sky Technologies.

About PEAK Technologies

PEAK Technologies, a Platinum Equity Company, is a systems integrator of supply chain automation and inventory management solutions delivering tangible return on investment to some of the world’s largest corporations. PEAK’s primary applications include solutions for warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution operations. PEAK’s portfolio of solutions and services include business process consulting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integration, wireless professional services, project management, printing/media solutions, and life-cycle support services. PEAK Technologies has locations throughout North America providing a comprehensive “foot print” for national, multi-site life cycle service and support. (

About Platinum Equity

Platinum Equity is a global M&A&O® firm specializing in the merger, acquisition and operation of companies that provide services and solutions to customers in a broad range of business markets, including information technology, telecommunications, industrials, logistics, manufacturing, and entertainment distribution. Since its founding in 1995 by Tom Gores, Platinum Equity has completed more than 70 acquisitions with more than $17 billion in aggregate annual revenue.

About Sky Technologies

Sky Technologies specializes in Enterprise Mobility for SAP®. With a strong focus on innovation, Sky Technologies has developed SkyMobile, a SAP® Certified technology framework, designed to deliver middleware-free mobility solutions, embedded within SAP®. Sky Technologies can deploy any SAP® application, on any device with a single integrated framework, inside SAP®.

With a client base spanning across North America, South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia, Sky Technologies continues to deliver solutions to SAP® customers that reduce costs, create value, empower users and enable a greater return from their investment in SAP®.

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