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Technology for Drying Impregnating Varnish of Electric Motor Developed

The development of the technology makes it possible to solve the scientific and technological problems arising in the manufacture and usage of drum infrared radiator for hardening of impregnating varnish of electric motor such as heat radiation material, heat sensor and automatic regulator, and to produce dryers according to the sizes of electric motors.

As the dryer uses the heating method by radiator instead of the heating method by convection, it does not need drying stove. Its electricity consumption, therefore, is one of tens and drying speed is five times and more compared with those of old ones.

Having a function of heat sensor and automatic regulation, it does not destroy insulator but increases the insulation resistance 1.4 fold, thus remarkably extending the serviceable life of the motor.

The technology registered as a state invention has been applied to many units in various sectors of the national economy to pay off.

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