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Testo Announces New Upgrade to IRSoft Thermal Imaging Software

Benefits of IRSoft 3.1 sp3

  • Software is free to all users of Testo Thermal imaging Products
  • Backward compatible with all Testo Thermal Imagers
  • No Licensing or upgrade fees

New Reporting Features

  • Word compatible file format - Reports can now be exported in RTF (Rich Text Format)file format in addition to current PDF files.
  • Addition of 12 user customizable data fields - Allowing users to add critical data they prefer to make the reporting feature and format fit their requirements
  • Customizable Reporting Templates - Allows for users to create, save & share report templates specific to their applications

Radiometric Video Capture

  • Fully integrated Radiometric Video Capture when using the Testo 885 & 890 imagers
  • Direct Video Capture Mode
  • Logger Style Video Capture Mode
  • Capture start & stop based on time or temperature events
  • Extended Recording Times - 24 hours / 5000 frames in Logger Mode
  • Snapshot Feature - Snapshot “frame grab” from video into full radiographic still images
  • 15 measurement point tracking - Including line profiles

Advanced Memory Management

  • Advanced memory management to insure you are able to open the maximum amount of images that can be supported by the computer system you are using
  • Eliminating system crashes and lost productivity when resources are pushed to limits

For more information and a copy of Testo IRSoft 3.1 sp3 go directly to www.TestoUSA.com/thermal

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