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The Next Generation of Instruments for Parallel Roll Alignment, RollCheck® Green and RollCheck® MINI

Seiffert Industrial, a leader in laser alignment systems, has introduced the next generation of laser roll alignment tools, RollCheck® Green and RollCheck® MINI for parallel roll alignment with green or red visible laser lines. The RollCheck® is used for quick alignment checks and roll replacement.


The RollCheck® Green is a visual tool used to speed-up quick alignment checks and the replacement of rolls in the processing industry. The RollCheck® Green roll alignment tool uses the latest in green laser technology. Green laser lines are 10x’s brighter to the operator than a red laser line. Using our patented reflected-laser beam technology for maximum angular resolution, thus providing you with the most reliable and accurate visual reading, fast and simple way to measure and correct vertical angle (pitch) and horizontal angle (parallelism) between the rolls.

The RollCheck® MINI laser alignment system for parallel roll alignment is lightweight, compact and durable. It operates the same way as the RollCheck® Green but is smaller so it can fit into tighter places. The RollCheck® MINI can measure spans up to 3 ft. (1 m) from roll to roll sizes up to 4” (101 mm) in diameter. The system comes with straps to be attached to the roll.

RollCheck® works as follows: A Laser emitter mounted on a reference roll projects two laser lines onto the reflector unit mounted on the roll to be measured and adjusted, allowing the operator to view the alignment condition. The laser line is then automatically reflected back to the transmitter’s reference line indicating if the rolls are parallel to one another. RollCheck® eliminates cumbersome trial and error adjustments which usually lead to scrap loss of time and output reduction.

RollCheck® is small and compact and fits into small spaces. It is very simple to use and requires only one person to operate with no training necessary. As a result, more frequent roll checks can be made and the payback can be realized very quickly.

The RollCheck® can be purchased through our Rental Purchase Program so it can be tested before purchase. Ask us for details.

About Seiffert Industrial, Inc

Seiffert Industrial specializes in precision laser alignment systems for the industrial market and has been a leader in laser alignment since 1991. For more information about our pulley laser alignment and parallel laser roll alignment systems, please see our website at

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