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The newly launched event explores the crossroads between the Internet of Things and Industry

To achieve those objectives and quickly connect technology and industry, the IOTSWC is will feature a comprehensive congress programme with keynotes from top experts as well as an exhibition area and networking activities.

Roger Bou, director of IOTSWC said: “We are on the verge of a technological quantum leap that will impact on the productivity of companies and will even transform current business models. New companies born with this technology will be disruptive and change the market and those companies with the ability to quickly assimilate these innovations will tend to register a strong growth. For many, embracing IoT might be the key to remain competitive. We’re very much looking forward to this inaugural event, given the high quality of exhibiting companies, speakers and attendees.”

Structured in six areas -Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Technology, and Innovation- the conferences will discuss such topics as Driving to a Zero Defect Strategy: IoT use in car production; Eliminating unplanned downtime in the Connected Factory; Improving Complex Patient Care through Big Data Analytics; The Connected Flight; The Internet of Energy; Interoperability in IoT: The role of standards; and IoT Weather forecasts to increase cross industry productivity.

Confirmed speakers include Jonathan Ballon, Vice President & General Manager at Intel Corporation - Internet of Things Group; Colin Parris, Vice President of Software Research at GE; Joseph Durham, Manager of Research and Advanced Development at Amazon Robotics; Michael Raynor, Director at Deloitte Services LP; Ron Zahavi, Microsoft Senior Enterprise Strategist and Head of Microsoft’s Worldwide IoT Architecture Community; and Richard M. Soley, Chairman and CEO of OMG and Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium, among many others.

Real-life IoT
With a clear goal promoting new industry use cases and real-world applications, IOTSWC will also feature a testbed area that will showcase eight different examples of fully functional uses of the industrial internet. Among these demonstrations the visitors will be able to see how Bosch, Cisco, National Instruments and Tech Mahindra have applied the IoT to enhance Airbus’ assembly line. Aircraft construction regulations are extremely precise including type of screw and torque applied to join specific parts. Every step is verified and documented and the tools used are capable of identifying their precise location on the shop floor and log every procedure.

Another testbed will show how Rti, National Instruments and Cisco have used the available industrial internet solutions to optimize power generation through microgrids. Re-architecting electric power grids enables to control smaller areas of demand with distributed generation and storage capacity to ensure that energy is generated more accurately and reliably. These microgrids operate independently from the main electric power grid but will still interact and be coordinated with the existing infrastructure.

A third IoT application showcased at IoT Solutions World Congress will display the early developments of the INFINITE (International Future Industrial Internet Testbed) project. The initiative aims to dynamically reconfigure a network without changing the hardware itself while allowing connectivity via multiple access points. The new platform uses Big Data to not only create completely virtual domains with Software-Defined Networking, but it also makes it possible for multiple domains to securely run via one physical network - thus making it ideal for use in mission critical systems. Even more interesting, INFINITE makes it possible to connect to these virtual domains through mobile networks.

Innovation Marketplace

On its first edition IOTSWC will hold a networking activity to bring together major corporations and start-ups, innovators and research centres. A total of 50 projects selected for their high-potential IoT solutions and will have the opportunity to meet representatives of leading multinationals and specialized investors.

A new industrial horizon
According to several reports IoT will become a major driver of a global economic transformation and players in the industrial scenario are already aware. A survey conducted by the World Economic Forum concluded that a 72% of company executives believe the Industrial Internet will be disruptive while a study by Accenture indicates that the Industrial IoT will produce 14 trillion USD of economic value by 2030.

Partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium
The IOTSWC has established a partnership with the Industrial internet Consortium (IIC), the sector’s leading association, and formed an Advisory Committee comprised of 12 representatives from the leading Industrial Internet companies as well as representatives of the IIIC that will oversee the contents and scientific approach of the event.

Founded in March 2014, the IIC is a global non-profit partnership of Industry Government and Academia aimed at bringing together the organizations and technologies necessary to accelerate growth of the Industrial Internet by identifying, assembling and promoting best practices as well as defining and developing the reference architecture and frameworks necessary for interoperability and influencing the global development standards process for internet and industrial systems.

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