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The Visionary System Changing the Face of Maintenance Management

In plain English, the system brings maintenance and service processes closer to achieving that illusive zero wastage target. It does this by recognising that it’s no longer enough to simply capture the reactive and scheduled data in the way that so many of the current systems offer. Instead, Effishon has been designed primarily as a visual management and communications tool, acting on live data and instantly and visually displaying feedback from all your assets, providing real-time status that alerts you to any unplanned problems. Using its intelligent personnel deployment software and its simple call system, Effishon is able to dynamically allocate resources based on your actual business priorities and not just what you had in mind before the day began.

One Vision, One Goal
Paul Rumsey, Managing Director of Logical Fish, explains “Effishon is the first system of its kind. As both an engineer and a maintenance manager, I was tired of coming across complicated CMM systems that silently collected volumes of useless information that were never acted on. Our approach is different, allowing you to scale the information you record and display it visually across your premises, using multiple LCD screens or projectors. This way your entire organisation can be aware of your service and asset status resulting in unambiguous priorities, a healthy appetite to improve response times, and ongoing data analysis that will eliminate the root causes of any problems.”

“The planned task screen has been developed to simulate a T Card board, to reflect both a practical and familiar interface. However, we recognise that T Card systems quickly become unwieldy when a large number of cards are being used and so the powerful design of Effishon allows you to sort, filter and zoom to tasks instantly. We have seen the application of planned tasks increase from standard production equipment to calibration, PAT testing, regulatory and internal compliance and even photocopier toners!”

Effishon supports businesses utilising TPM, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing techniques, allowing them to demonstrate real and measured time and cost savings. Companies are continually seeking ways to maximise efficiency and reduce costs, more than ever in the current tough economic climate, and Effishon is perfectly placed to deliver quantitative savings and demonstrable productivity improvements.

Adding to its comprehensive offering, Effishon comes with a completely free, bespoke set-up, tailoring the software to your exact processes, and includes any initial training requirements. Once up and running, the system provides an effective, impartial and independent measure of performance that makes guess work and subjectivity a thing of the past. Furthermore, the system has the capacity to constantly adapt to any changes or requirements that individual processes may require on an ad hoc basis.

Seeing the Bigger Picture
Some visionary companies have already made the step across to the benefits of using Effishon. Adrian Fulford, Site Leader at Honeywell, the global industrial supplies manufacturer, explains: “After discovering a non-conformance in our processes, using Effishon we were able to pin-point the exact date, time and action of the process adjustment that caused the failure and take immediate corrective action. Overall, the software is essential in maintaining and increasing our process efficiencies and ensuring that we meet our delivery schedules and maintain our high-levels of customer service.”

Free Trial
To introduce your business to the cost-saving benefits of the next-generation in CMMS, Logical Fish is offering a free, no obligation 30-day trial of Effishon. This offer includes complete on-site set-up and installation and ongoing training and support.

To benefit from the free trial and to start saving your business money, simply log on here

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