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Total Resource Management Releases TRM RulesManager™ Designed for IBM Maximo® 7.5

Alexandria, Virginia (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) is pleased to announce the release of TRM RulesManager designed for IBM Maximo 7.5. RulesManager is a business rule configuration engine for Maximo, built by Maximo implementers, for Maximo implementers. Complementing, enhancing and always a better solution than the recent configuration tools added to Maximo 7.5 in complex situations (Conditional Expressions, Conditional User Interface or Automation Scripts), TRM RulesManager is the only solution that:

  • presents all configurations in one environment
  • provides content-assist help
  • presents no performance degradation
  • requires no Java programming
  • does not alter the base code of Maximo
  • and incorporates a debugger for developers.

With TRM RulesManager, organizations can meet all of their business requirements, while keeping Maximo out-of-the-box, which extends the lifecycle of their solution, making it easy to configure, easy to support and easy to upgrade.

Al Johnson, TRM VP of Software, said “RulesManager was designed with benefits for CIOs, developers and users in mind. We understand that the return on investment is paramount to CIOs when purchasing a complex enterprise asset management system like Maximo, and TRM RulesManager delivers that ROI in terms of reduced time, costs and risks. Developers love it because it makes the impossible likely, and users enjoy a system that is intuitive and easy to use.”

CIOs experience reduced risks and costs to deploy, configure, maintain and upgrade Maximo. Rules written today are guaranteed to work in the future and RulesManager can be turned “off” to allow for easier upgrades. Organizations can create customized audit trails for compliance, develop custom applications and integrate Maximo with other enterprise applications.

Developers receive the benefits of:

  • An Integrated Development Environment - the configuration control console allows users to see and compare Maximo 7.5 automation scripts with RulesManager scripts and rules. This provides an additional layer to the configuration management controls provided by RulesManager for Maximo. Configuring Maximo 7.5 without RulesManager requires developers to “touch” and document changes in multiple applications (Application Designer, Conditional User Interface, Conditional Expressions, Workflow, Escalations, Automation Scripts and Data Restrictions); while configuring Maximo with RulesManager provides a single, unified and simplified development environment, with content-assist. This also supports an Agile Software Development methodology.
  • RulesManager’s completion feature allows access to methods, events, objects and properties. This context-based access speeds development time. Developers don’t have to know Java to develop with RulesManager, but do need to know Java when employing the built-in Maximo 7.5 automation scripts.
  • With RulesManager, you can target undesirable Maximo validations and suppress them without comprising the Maximo system or data integrity. Maximo was designed with some assumptions about how an organization will do business. At times, this does not match clients’ requirements and with RulesManager, targeted built-in Maximo logic or assumptions can be suppressed, conditionally.
  • RulesManager Debugger - Allows for RulesManager rules to be analyzed, line-by-line as they fire, decreasing development time for configuring Maximo and troubleshooting by 2-3 times over previous RulesManager versions and exponentially faster than out-of-the box Maximo internal configuration tools.

Maximo users receive the benefits of TRM RulesManager every day in the form of:

Intuitive screens - input screens adapt for the user, role, organization or process

  • Automatic population of related data with information derived from context - fewer clicks, fewer mistakes
  • Visual feedback - configurable highlighting and field, tab, screen appearance which directs user input (field tab ordering) and can support 508 compliance
  • Simplified complex processes - multiple field and screen operations can be reduced to simple, selectable actions - the quicker it is to get something done the more likely it gets done
  • Data integrity eliminates incorrect data at point of entry - better data, better compliance, better business.

Total Resource Management (TRM) is focused on improving the asset and operational performance of organizations through the effective use of information technologies. TRM is an IBM Premier Business Partner with over fifteen years experience delivering asset and service management solutions based upon IBM Maximo. TRM supports clients across a wide range of industries, including government, defense, cities, facilities, energy, utilities, transportation and life sciences.

TRM is based in Alexandria, Virginia and has business centers across the U.S. For more information, visit or call 703-548-4285

TRM RulesManager is a trademark of Total Resource Management, Inc.
IBM Maximo is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.

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