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Total Resource Management Unveils RulesManager 4.0 for IBM Maximo

Alexandria, Virginia —July 30, 2009—Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) has unveiled its newest version of TRM RulesManager SE 4.0, the leading configuration software designed for, and seamlessly integrated with, IBM Maximo® and Tivoli® Asset Management for IT. With RulesManager SE, Maximo systems can be tailored to meet unique business requirements with unmatched configuration, integration and data migration capabilities and control of Maximo.

TRM RulesManager SE is the configuration and business rules application for Maximo and the Tivoli solutions built on the Maximo platform, bringing:

  • Improved service delivery
  • Significantly reduced data input errors
  • Improved return on investment
  • Reduced operating, lifecycle maintenance and support costs
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Drastically reduced implementation and deployment cycle times
  • Lower training costs.

In addition to the features in previous versions of RulesManager:

  • Adaptive user experience
  • Simplified data migration and scrubbing
  • Specific functionality applied only to certain application servers, groups and users
  • Interactive display feedback
  • Dynamic Content and data security

RulesManager 4.0 incorporates several new features, including:

  • Maximo web services - direct XML web services in Maximo rules, enabling real-time transactions. These include the ability to dynamically attach value lists and auto-populate Maximo fields.
  • Unprecedented visual feedback - this includes the ability to dynamically control the presentation in any event.
  • Change the look of the browser - Advanced users also have the capability to send JavaScript commands to the user’s browser allowing the display to be modified.
  • New formatting capabilities - enable ad-hoc email reports to be created, without having to use a reporting tool.
  • Control over workflow - RulesManager allows clients to programmatically choose and direct Maximo workflow based on customized rules.

RulesManager 4.0 also includes new enhancements for administrators and developers, including an improved integrated development environment with additional drag-and-drop capabilities, advanced error-checker and RulesManager Help.

Total Resource Management already has one customer using RulesManager 4.0 in production and several others using it to develop their Maximo 7.1 environment.

According to Al Johnson, VP of Product Development, “Our current customers who are in the process of upgrading to Maximo 7.1 were clamoring for the next version of RulesManager. We have over a 95% renewal rate for annual customer support. And, we’re seeing interest peak with a variety of new, marquis customers and sectors, including: financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transportation looking to match their Maximo 7.1 environments with their unique business requirements.”


TRM is focused on improving the performance of our clients’ operations using Maximo Asset Management and IT Asset and Service Management with proven consulting and software solutions. Over the past fifteen years, Total Resource Management (TRM) has delivered successful implementations, integrations, consolidations, upgrades, mobile solutions and training for hundreds of satisfied clients across all asset-intensive industries. TRM is an authorized independent training provider (AITP) for IBM and an IBM Premier Business Partner. Our consultants have:

  • leading industry expertise in best practices combined over 400 man-years of Maximo experience
  • Tivoli Enterprise Asset Management / Maximo 5.x, Maximo 6.x and Maximo 7.x certifications
  • IBM Advanced Deployment in Services Management, Service Delivery and Process Automation
  • IBM Tivoli certifications in Tivoli Asset Management for IT (TAMIT), Tivoli Service Request Manager (TSRM), Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM), and Tivoli Change & Configuration Management Database (CCMDB)

TRM’s solution portfolio includes TRM Software (add-on software modules for IBM Maximo Asset Management®):

  • TRM RulesManager SE (IBM/Tivoli-Approved) - Designed specifically for configuring IBM Maximo Asset Management® to meet clients’ unique business requirements. It features configuration, integration and data migration capabilities
  • TRM Lockout Tagout Manager - The only safety clearance application, powered by RulesManager, and seamlessly integrated with IBM Maximo Asset Management®
  • TRM Safety Tagging System—STS is a stand-alone software application that standardizes the lockout/tagout process for maximum worker safety and airtight audit traceability.

TRM is headquarted in Alexandria, Virginia and has business centers across the U.S. For more information, visit Total Resource Management or call 703-548-4285.

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