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TPC Training Systems Witnesses an Increase in International Customers throughout Fiscal Year 2013

TPC Training’s in-depth industrial course content encompasses universal topics that are relevant to all plants and facilities, making international territories a material focus for TPC to expand its reach through fiscal year 2013. The success of the recent developments abroad can be attributed to the work of TPC’s training consultants and offsite representatives who communicate the importance of workforce development in the area.

“We are enthusiastic about the new business opportunities progressing out of the Middle Eastern and North African regions,” said Andrew Kauser, President, TPC Training Systems. “Consistent workforce training is necessary for companies around the globe to ensure that technicians have the necessary skills to be successful on the job.”

While TPC Training Systems has increased efforts to foster growth internationally, TPC currently helps train over 380 foreign workforces by utilizing various technical and safety training resources. Clients often select from multiple applicable formats in order to build a customized training program that is specific to their facility’s training requirements.

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