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Turn Any Android or Windows Device into a Powerful Condition Monitoring Data Collector

November 2016

AVT Reliability® are pleased to announce further developments to Machine Sentry® its revolutionary condition monitoring system. The Machine Sentry® mobile software can now be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet device completely eliminating the need for an expensive custom made data collection device. AVT Reliability® offer a range of both tablet and other handheld devices, including the waterproof CAT® S60 smartphone which incorporates both a visual and a FLIR® infrared camera at a cost that is comparable to consumer smartphones.

Machine Sentry® integrates all condition monitoring techniques and watchkeeping data into a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solution to provide effective maintenance planning and reporting. Machine Sentry®is simple to use, and includes automatic fault diagnosis assistant that helps identify potential issues with rotating equipment.

The use of readily available hardware coupled with the unique Bluetooth™ enabled tri-axis vibration sensor (Pat. Pending) significantly reducing the cost of the equipment required for data collection. The integrated fault diagnosis assistant, automatically detects rotating equipment problems (broadly equivalent to a level II vibration analyst) simplifies data analysis. The algorithms used in the Fault Diagnosis Assistant have been developed by AVT Reliability’s own team of vibration experts using thousands of hours of vibration data coupled with extensive field experience

Machine Sentry® combined with access to AVT’s team of condition monitoring experts eliminates the requirements and costs associated with hiring highly qualified condition monitoring engineers and technicians making it the ideal solution to any condition monitoring program

For more information visit: www.machinesentry.com.

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