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Two New ‘Asset Condition’ Brands Launch at TechCon Asia Pacific 2010

The company’s Power Forensics service specialises in investigating the condition of HV and MV assets, using the latest laboratory techniques to understand how assets deteriorate.

As part of Power Forensics, EA Technology Analytical is offering a Failure Scene Investigation (FSI) service, focussing on the importance of sending experienced investigators to the sites of asset failures immediately, to gather vital forensic evidence on their causes. The purpose of FSI is to investigate and prevent failures.

The second new brand is OilData, which uses an array of advanced techniques to gather detailed information on the condition of power assets by analysing the state of insulating oil.

Anne McIntosh, Managing Director of EA Technology Analytical, said: “The new brands are a way of enhancing and packaging our existing services, so companies worldwide can immediately identify what we can do for them.

“EA Technology has led the science of understanding the condition of power assets for more than 40 years, with clients from Bermuda to Japan. But in recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the industry’s recognition of the value of condition data as a means to more effective asset management, in terms of greater network reliability and safety, at lower cost.

“Our key message is that learning how and why individual assets deteriorate and fail is important: but it is even more valuable to use that knowledge as part of a condition based approach to management across the whole asset estate. This includes implementing more effective maintenance and asset replacement strategies, based on the health of the assets and their operation.”

The new service brands will be available through EA Technology’s offices in Australia, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, together with its network of distribution partners in 30 countries.

The services will be provided by EA Technology Analytical’s laboratories in the UK, which have facilities including scanning electron microscopy, x-ray photography, thermal imaging, advanced materials testing equipment and climate controlled test chambers.

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