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U.S. Leader in Large Electric Motor Repair, Service & Storage Opens New Plant

Bradleys’ Inc. is a Texas company dedicated to quality large electrical motor repair, sales and service. It has served the utility, drilling, chemical, plastics and refining industries since 1930. A full service repair company, Bradleys’ provides Dyno testing of motors up to 2,500 HP at 4160 Volts, with planned expansion to 4500hp. And full voltage run test to 13,000 volts, is equipped with clean room winding facilities to 13KV, a CNC Machining, Manufacturing and Milling Center, dual VPI systems 8 and 12 feet, and balancing capabilities. Bradleys’ Inc. offers dehumidified dry storage for electric motors, instrumentation and more. Principals of the firm invested in the latest green technology to create the new, environmentally-friendly, 10,000 square foot Storage Facility. The facility employs the latest in high efficiency lighting design, and foam insulation system,  that creates an air-tight seal. One high efficiency dehumidifier maintains 50% year round humidity control, documented by a chart recorder.

Bradleys’ new corporate office, service center and storage facility, a state-of-the art, multi-million dollar expansion, uses green and wind technology to reduce the energy footprint of its operations. The company has installed a 10 KW wind generator which provides more than enough energy to allow green operation of its’ dry storage facility. Bradleys’ has also implemented green processes with solvent-less chemicals, recycled sandblasting composites,  and a water reclamation system, which minimizes waste and enhances overall recycling efforts.  Over 40,000 tons of reclaimed crushed concrete and asphalt, along with 60 tons of refurbished steel crane beams and columns, create a unique environment.

Bradleys’ 100 Ton Bridge Crane, with a 52’ Hook Height, is one of the largest in Texas; capable of lifting any electric motor, industrial apparatus or wind turbine component up to 200,000 pounds. 

The company also provides a variety of training and educational services for plant maintenance and service personnel.

For more information, please contact Bradleys’, Inc. at (361) 882-4381 or online at

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