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Uberlytics Expands Services to Offer ISO 55000 Consulting

PHOENIX - Aug. 3, 2017 

Uberlytics is pleased to announce the expansion of its asset management consulting services to include ISO 55000 related guidance and assessments in collaboration with Jim Dieter, former Head of US Delegation to ISO TC 251 for the development of ISO 55000.

This collaboration arises out of a successful first project working together to deliver an ISO55000 gap analysis for a global government contractor. The first phase, consisting of an initial assessment against ISO 55001 and the development of a remediation plan to work towards ISO 55000 certification, was completed in Q2 2017. The second phase of assisting with the implementation of the remediation plan toward readiness for certification is expected to begin in Q4 2017.

Tacoma Zach, CEO of Uberlytics and Jim Dieter shared insights into the journey of an organization towards ISO 55000 certification based on this project at the National Property Managers Association (NPMA) National Education Week on July 31, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.


"We are very pleased to expand our collaboration with Jim and to bring his expertise to our client base," said Tacoma Zach. "Jim brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to guiding organizations through to ISO 55000 certification that complements Uberlytics' core strengths in helping build better risk-based asset management programs."

Jim Dieter is an ISO 55000 Specialist and internationally respected asset management leader and strategist. He is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Asset Leadership Network and was the ANSI Head of US Delegation to ISO TC 251 for the development of ISO 55000 Asset Management Systems through 2016. He was the developer of seven ASTM International Asset Management technical standards and has experience in multiple sectors. Jim's specialties include Asset Management; Government Property Management; Capital Asset Management; Leased Asset Management; Technology Asset Management IT Asset Management; Material and Supply Management; and Real Property Management.

About Uberlytics

Uberlytics helps organizations build better risk-based asset management programs. Through asset management coaching supported by our best-in-class criticality analysis software and facilitation Uberlytics helps asset intensive organizations connect their asset management aims to reliability and maintenance execution priorities. We are experts and innovators in risk and criticality analysis for complex facilities and systems.

The Uberlytics Criticality Analyzer™ is a sophisticated, highly configurable and powerful software tool for efficient and rapid facility-wide criticality analysis, designed to discover unidentified risk, and support ISO 55000 standards. Uberlytics services include criticality analysis facilitation, criticality and risk consulting, asset register and hierarchy consulting and asset management coaching and ISO 55000 pre-certification assessments and consulting.

Uberlytics is a corporate member of the Institute of Asset Management and the Asset Leadership Network.

More information can be found at

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