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Ultrasound World VI Int’l Predictive Maintenance Conference Announces ‘Top Gun’ Ke

Among the growing number of presentations, workshops, exhibits and training courses offered during the annual conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida, Ultrasound World VI, commonly referred to as a ‘Top Gun’ conference for plant reliability experts and engineers recently announced its keynote speaker and associated presentation.

Mike Aroney, Principal Advisor of GP Allied, LLC and a real ‘top gun’ pilot himself, will lead an international contingency of distinguished guest speakers from various industry disciplines on the topic of plant reliability using ultrasound technology. Mike’s keynote presentation, The Hidden Factory - finding additional capacity from existing assets will focus on using predictive technologies to find the “hidden factory”.  A proactive maintenance strategy, Mike will present time-based maintenance and predictive-based maintenance and how the right mix can attain and sustain a very high level of asset health as defined by the percentage of equipment with zero identifiable defects.

In a time when almost every plant manager is looking for new ways to reduce costs and carbon footprint, this presentation and more acutely, Ultrasound World provides the tools and techniques that all but guarantee a more efficient, safer, and more profitable predictive maintenance program.

Ultrasound World VI launches May 10, 2010 in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Lasting three days, this next installment will continue to feature presentations from plant maintenance professionals sharing their insights. Attendees can also expect to receive invaluable international peer-to-peer networking opportunities, information on improving asset availability, increased productivity, and plant-generated ROI, concepts for improved maintenance practices, and an overall better understanding of how ultrasound works with other PdM technologies.

UE Systems has been setting the standards for ultrasound technology since 1973, and has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the development of airborne and structure born ultrasound inspection equipment.  Producers of Ultraprobe ultrasonic inspection guns, UES provides tools and training for enhancing any PdM program including the need for essential energy conservation techniques.

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