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UMS Group Inc. Appointed a PAS 55 Endorsed Assessor by the Institute of Asset Management

UMS Group has broad experience in applying PAS 55 standards to helping clients recognize gaps in their Asset Management capabilities and design improvement initiatives. We have been committed to thought leadership in this area since 1992, when we documented Asset Management global best practices at the forefront of the utility industry. In the late 90’s, UMS Group established a rigorous methodology for assessing client’s Asset Management maturity and identifying gaps to leading edge Asset Management effectiveness. This methodology has been utilized to assess scores of client organizations in the utility and transportation sectors. In addition, UMS Group has facilitated numerous large scale transformations of major corporations from a traditional functional orientation to process-based Asset Management driven philosophy for running their business.

Since the 2004 release of PAS 55, UMS Group has adapted our methodologies to align them with the PAS 55 framework, while leveraging our proprietary tools and delivery systems for more efficient delivery of PAS 55 assessments. Our transformation tool kit, includes leading edge organization designs, performance measurement frameworks, culture change and leadership development capabilities and decision support tools, and is a powerful enabler to enhancing the value and effectiveness from asset management at any stage in the Asset Management journey.

UMS Group is a management consultancy specializing in electric, gas, water and transportation asset and performance management. With offices in the Netherlands, Australia and the US, UMS Group actively serves a global client base in North and South America, Europe, the Mideast, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

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Contact: Diane Durante 973-335-3555

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