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United Infrared, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of MoistureFindIR™.

The MoistureFindIRTM module training class will teach you how to provide comprehensive, unbiased moisture investigations for residential and commercial clients. These surveys can save your customers time and money because they can pinpoint problem areas by mapping moisture to its source - clearly revealing problem areas that need to be addressed, before they become more severe.

This exciting module is another opportunity presented by United Infrared to diversify your business and expand your market.  In the training class, you will learn from renowned building infrared experts how to perform infrared moisture surveys of residential and commercial buildings.  The technical director and one of the instructors of this module is Scott Wood, an expert building science thermographer who has performed investigations on hundreds of buildings discovering defects as well as providing corrective recommendations to prevent heat loss, air infiltration and moisture intrusion. This course will not only increase your expertise as a thermographer, but will also provide another application to your service line enabling you to further increase your annual revenue.

  • Interested in getting your first taste of MoistureFindIRTM and coming to a conference for practically free?
  • Interested in meeting United Infrared’s newest Technical Director, Mr. Scott Wood?

Peter Hopkins, Vice President of United Infrared, Inc., will be presenting “Demystify the Art and Science of Locating Moisture with Thermal Imaging” at “The Inspection Conference of the Year” .  Also, Scott Wood, Technical Director for MoistureFindIRTM will be in attendance. If you purchase a membership and sign up for MoistureFindIRTM (or any module) before October 3rd, 2010, United Infrared will pay your admission to the conference.  Use Coupon Code “coapre” in the web store.  Once you have made the module purchase, you can email for your registration to the conference.

To purchase the module and secure your territory, please visit the United Infrared store, and click on modules. You must be a member ($500/annually) to purchase a module.  To learn more about membership and to read testimonials from current members, please visit

There are two levels to this class.  The first is:

* Part I - MoistureMapIRTM: A thermography contractor finds and confirms moist locations.  The cost of this level of training is $995.  (Previous building technology is not required as this service is simply offering wet/dry confirmations and you will typically work with outside building specialists. Should forensic investigations be necessary, you will have access to our network of specialists so that you are not limited on opportunity).

* Part II - MoistureLocatIRTM: A forensic investigator tracks moisture damage to its source.  The cost of this level of training is $1750.  This purchase includes a spray apparatus for each primary member as part of your attendance.  It should be understood that this rack will be necessary for certain water testing situations where you have to simulate rain.  Although this rack is not meant to be used for calibrated testing (lawsuits), it will certainly help you in figuring out the leak.  (Please note:  MoistureLocatIRTM Prerequisite - Prior building knowledge and/or building science training is necessary for this module. The thermographer must attend and successfully complete the MoistureMapIRTM course. A thermographer attending this course should be sufficient in terminology and ready for expert witness work as these are common requests of one performing this service).

The first class will be held on November 17 -19, 2010 in Ontario, California.  Please click on this link,, to view the class schedule. Stay tuned to our blog page for upcoming information on this and other future training classes.  If you have questions or if we can assist you in any way, please contact us 1-888-722-6447 or via e-mail to

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