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Upturn Takes Fresh Approach to CMMS Software

Upturn Solutions’ President and CEO, Paulson Palmer, underscores the simple but intuitive philosophy behind Sprocket 3.5, “The value of work management software has never been disputed; it has always been the time commitment needed to enter the necessary data to properly execute, track and close out maintenance tasks that’s been the issue. With Sprocket 3.5, we have specifically designed a better experience that captures all necessary data in less time—so technicians can spend more time addressing maintenance issues in the field.”

New 3.5 features include:

— New Streamlined User Interface - Enables quick data entry, reducing
the software’s learning curve and user time commitments.
— Enhanced Administrative Reporting - Allows maintenance managers and
technicians to instantly ascertain the current status of maintenance
— Consolidated Workflow Activities - Enables technicians to easily
circumvent the formal work order process to address an emergency, by
adding an amendment to the existing work order, then create, assign,
comment and close the original work order.
— Streamlined and enhanced Mobile Applications - Offers hassle-free
smartphone and tablet access enabling technicians to continue to work
while in the field, better managing work orders, materials, time and
— Material Management - Enhances functionality to reserve materials for
work orders and preventive maintenance planning.
— Asset Management - New custom asset classifications with attributes,
equipment downtime tracking and asset capital management from birth to
— Workflow Management - New intuitive short cuts to workflow processes
using custom dispatch actions.
— Change History - Enhances change history for everything that is
modified within Sprocket 3.5.
— Automatic Report Delivery - Enables reports sent—automatically—
on a predefined schedule.

Customers agree Sprocket 3.5 provides a better user experience. David Boekweg, Director of Auxiliary Maintenance for BYU, elaborates, “We are now receiving more accurate maintenance reports because our technicians no longer view the work management system as a laborious task. Sprocket 3.5’s new streamlined data entry process has eased their learning curve, resulting in a better operational view and tracking of maintenance activities.”

Sprocket 3.5 is currently available. For more information please contact, (866) 891-4363 or visit

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