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US Facilities Partners with 4tell to Provide Energy Consulting Services

In partnership with 4tell, USF will further expand its service offerings and add a broad range of energy consulting services designed for organizations seeking to improve their overall energy performance, optimize operating efficiencies and to reduce their carbon footprint.

USF’s energy consulting services will include energy assessments, audits, retrofits, evaluations, analysis, performance management and support building commissioning and LEED certification. USF’s long-term experience in facility management and in implementing effective building programs is a key differentiator and positions them perfectly to assist their clients as they recognize the need to move toward sustainable performance governance solutions. The execution of this strategic vision requires that energy, emissions, environmental, social and financial information be integrated and analyzed together in order to generate a holistic view of the enterprise. This comprehensive information, coupled with innovative tools and a proven framework, will form the foundation for sustainable energy strategies for USF’s clients’ infrastructure and the environment.

“Our strategic partnership with 4tell provides our clients with the benefits of improved energy efficiencies and reduced carbon emissions by enabling them to make strategic decisions about their facilities while maximizing return on their investments,” explained William McAfee, Executive Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer of USF.

4tellTM provides the solution tools and framework to capture, manage, model and analyze critical data to create knowledge to meet the ongoing needs for sustainable energy governance. Benefits include improved capital and operating lifecycle budgets, streamlined energy governance processes, the ability to keep environmental commitments and compliance with regulatory reporting requirements, as well as informing stakeholders through sustainability reporting.

“Partnering with 4tell empowers USF clients to achieve management excellence to promote, identify, implement and measure the results of their energy and environmental initiatives as well as key performance metrics as a result of USF’s new energy consulting service offering,” stated Jim Kavanagh, President and Chief Executive Officer at 4tellTM.

Regulations aside, organizations realize that they must embrace alternatives to the “status quo” in order to achieve measurable success as they develop the essential framework for a dynamic model for ongoing sustainable operations. “With USF’s incredible record of client service and retention—the highest in the industry - they have demonstrated the value they offer their clients” said Julia MacMillan, Senior VP of Business Development for 4tellTM. She continued, “We are pleased to be part of the strategy that further enhances that relationship and look forward to helping their clients experience savings from their sustainability investments.”

About U.S. Facilities - U.S. Facilities, Inc., headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is a leader in facilities management and maintenance services, and manages some of the most complex and highly-secure buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, and maritime transportation facilities in the country. A certified minority-owned business enterprise, USF was established in 1967 and is one of the largest minority-owned full service facilities management firms in the United States. USF services also focus on highly-secure projects, including building operations and sustainable maintenance; roads and grounds maintenance; custodial and related services; specialized equipment operation and maintenance; security and armed guard services; and navigation locks and drawbridge operations. USF is a subsidiary of PRWT Services, Inc. For more information, visit  

About 4tell Solutions - 4tell Solutions, LLC is a Delaware company with headquarters located in Portland, Maine. 4tell is a recognized leader in developing and implementing unique Sustainable Performance Governance solutions for organizations seeking knowledge, transparency, and accountability for their strategic decisions. Combining leading strategic management methods with proven engineering, economic, and analysis models, 4tellTM helps organizations create transparency into financial decisions, reduce expenses and mitigate risks, increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions, and promote stewardship and accountability. To learn more about 4tell, please visit

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