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USC Consulting Group Releases Guide to Reliability-Centered Maintenance

USC Consulting Group (USCCG) announced the release of, “Reliability-Centered Maintenance and its Role in Asset Performance Management” written by Gary Dobson, Asset Performance Management Practice Leader at USCCG.

Using decision diagrams and guidelines this paper focuses on how Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) can establish a structured framework for how best to maintain production assets safely and economically. The paper highlights the following:

  1. The concepts and research that support RCM
  2. The consequences of equipment failure and corresponding objectives
  3. Evaluating cost effectiveness of maintenance tasks
  4. Real world examples and considerations.

According to Gary Dobson, “The RCM philosophy is an ideal method to identify the best maintenance activity for each type of potential equipment failure. It has benefits across many industries that are dependent on revenue-producing assets.”

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