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Vanguard Uses Upturn’s CMMS Software to Give Veterans a New Home

LAYTON, UT—(Marketwire - Nov 15, 2011) - Reinforcing its position as a leading provider of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Upturn Solutions today announced Vanguard Resources’ use of its software to help renovate Air Force Village. The company’s CMMS software, Sprocket, helped Vanguard effectively manage the materials and maintenance process to demolish and rebuild a safer, more comfortable 60,000 sq ft community consisting of 38 cottages and an adjacent 30,000 sq ft facility.

Air Force Village is a self-contained community of cottages and high-rise apartments—coupled with full health services, nursing care, and assisted living. In an effort to provide residents with the highest quality of retirement living, Air Force Village turned to Vanguard Resources to assist in a necessary, planned community upgrade in 2010.

“At Vanguard, we’re a facility management company that goes well beyond the typical customer-contractor relationship. We work as a team to transform the facility and building contractor relationship into a strategic, service-oriented partnership,” said Britton Stacy, General Manager of Plant Operations, Vanguard. “But to ensure this transformation, it’s important to have a robust maintenance management system in place—one that takes a proactive approach to asset management. Sprocket CMMS is that solution.”

Sprocket CMMS is an intuitive, flexible asset management software application that easily scales to meet any facilities management need—whether it’s a single building operation or spread across multiple campuses. The solution allows customers to streamline workflow into an automated process—enabling companies to operate smarter, faster, and in real-time.

Consisting of 38 cottages and an adjacent 30,000 sq ft infrastructure, the original Air Force Village was a functional facility, but outdated with regards to proper amenities needed to support the retired residents. Vanguard was tasked to rebuild the entire village with luxury apartments and an expanded surrounding community. In addition to complete implementation of ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps across the property, the project required construction of a 15-story sky lounge and dining facility, an underground tunnel connecting an existing hi-rise and mid-rise tower as well as high-efficiency plumbing system throughout the area.

Vanguard leveraged a CMMS system that enabled a more proactive approach to asset management. Upturn’s Sprocket provided a robust, flexible application that easily scaled to meet Vanguard’s needs. Highly customizable, the software provides all the functionality of an asset management, maintenance management and preventative maintenance software—but integrated into a single platform.

“For a project of this type, effective work management software is critical. The problem is that most solutions make it complex and time consuming to enter the data necessary to properly execute, track and close out maintenance tasks. Sprocket is specifically designed to streamline this process—so technicians spend less time on data entry and more time focusing on maintenance issues in the field,” continued Stacy.

Vanguard is leveraging the full array of asset management functionality provided by Upturn’s Sprocket, allowing maintenance to mange operations at over $100,000 under scheduled budget. Key Sprocket features include:

•A streamlined user interface for quick data entry, reducing the learning curve and user time commitments.
•Enhanced administrative reporting allowing maintenance managers to instantly ascertain the current status of maintenance operations.
•Consolidated workflow activities so technicians can easily circumvent the formal work order process to address an emergency.
•Streamlined and enhanced mobile applications for hassle-free smart phone and tablet access, enabling technicians to work in the field, better manage work orders, materials, time and inspections.
Inventory management with enhanced functionality to reserve materials for work orders and preventive maintenance planning.
Asset management with custom asset classifications with attributes, equipment downtime tracking and asset capital management from birth to burial.
•Workflow management with intuitive short cuts to workflow processes using custom dispatch actions.

“When faced with such a daunting reconstruction project, it’s essential to have the right asset management solution in your corner—one that helps you work smarter and faster to ensure the project comes in on time and—on budget,” concluded Stacy. “Uptime’s Sprocket has proven time and again to be one of the premier CMMS solutions on the market today.”

“Our sprocket solution streamlines many tasks in the workflow and project management space. However, learning that it has also helped preserve a high-quality of life for our nation’s veterans, during a complete community remodeling, makes us most proud,” said Paulson Palmer, President and CEO, Upturn Solutions.

For additional information, visit or contact Upturn Solutions’ corporate office at (866) 891-4363. Follow Upturn Solutions on Twitter @sprocketCMMS, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For a FREE trial, email

About Upturn Solutions
Upturn Solutions Inc (DBA - Sprocket), headquartered in Layton, UT, is the developer of Sprocket CMMS software. Since 2003, Upturn Solutions delivers work and asset management software solutions that are deployed faster, at a lower cost, and with the same or better expertise than the large consulting firms. Today, Sprocket has over 90,000 registered users, processing over 9 million work orders and 12 million labor hours logged.

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