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Vi-Jon Collaborates with Scientific Management Techniques to Deliver Advanced Manufacturing Skills

Vi-Jon, Inc., one of the country’s oldest and largest Private Label Health and Beauty Care companies, has chosen Scientific Management Techniques (SMT) to deliver advanced manufacturing skills training for their maintenance staff. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Vi-Jon operates five manufacturing and distribution centers in the United States. SMT’s training program is initially being delivered in their Smyrna, TN facility.

“Our first class of maintenance professionals have recently completed the full program and the second class started last week” reports Mike McLauchlan, Vi-Jon’s Technical Training Manager in Smyrna. “With Vi-Jon’s Craftsman Training Program Initiative ready to execute, Scientific Management Techniques was the right fit for the development of more advanced skills with our mechanical workforce. The hands-on training approach that is being utilized in their delivery of training is having a positive, profound impact that will carry us to the next level. The training design has helped to strengthen existing skills as well as develop new, more advanced technical skills, allowing us to keep pace with emerging technology in the manufacturing arena.” Vi-Jon will be training eighty members of their production team in Smyrna over the next several months.

Scientific Management Techniques has been helping industrial organizations drive performance by improving the skill set of their workforce for several decades. “SMT’s Manufacturing Skills Training curriculum can be considered an ongoing needs analysis of the skills required to maximize performance in a manufacturing setting”, states Stephen Berry, President of Scientific Management Techniques. “We continuously improve existing training units and introduce new training programs based on the ‘real-time’ identified needs of our global industrial client base. The hands-on curriculum has been designed in close collaboration with industrial operation leaders. These manufacturing professionals have an in-depth understanding of the specific skills they require to achieve their production objectives. Working closely with dynamic organizations like Vi-Jon ensures the curriculum delivers the specific training required to maximize performance on the production floor. Our curriculum trains the specific skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a modern manufacturing facility.”

In addition to the manufacturing skills training program, SMT provided Hands-On Manufacturing Skill Assessments using their portable assessment machines. Vi-Jon has been using SMT’s mechanical skills assessment machine, the Standard Timing Model, for several years. The assessment machines and methodology identify and measure the skills required in a manufacturing facility; Mechanical skills, Electrical, Programmable Logic Control, Computer Numeric Control, and Process Control skills. One of the many uses of the assessment program is to identify specific training needs and quantify the effectiveness of training delivered.

About Scientific Management Techniques, Inc.:

Scientific Management Techniques is the global leader in industrial skills assessments and industrial skills training. SMT’s manufacturing skill solutions are currently deployed in thirty-one countries. The skills training curriculum trains to the critical skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot an industrial facility. Their hands-on manufacturing skills assessment machines and assessment protocols are used in the hiring process to identify and measure industrial skills; Mechanical, Electrical, PLC, CNC, and Process Control skills. Many organizations assess their incumbent workforce and deliver targeted training based on the assessment data.

About Vi-Jon:

Vi-Jon is one of the nation’s oldest private label Health and Beauty Care (HBC) companies, serving retailers throughout North America. For over 100 years, the Vi-Jon name has represented some of the highest standards of manufacturing of quality products in the HBC industry. At Vi-Jon, they work closely with every customer to create solutions for their product needs, while their commitment to innovation and technology ensures their products exceed every customer’s expectations. The Vi-Jon corporate headquarters are located in St Louis, Missouri, and they operate five manufacturing and distributions centers in Missouri and Tennessee.

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