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VibrAlign Invites Machinery Shaft Alignment Mechanics To Join In Realigning America

Richmond, Virginia (PRWEB) January 24, 2013: While the alignment of rotating machinery shafts is just one small part of machinery maintenance, it is nevertheless critical to keeping machinery operating. By focusing on best alignment practices, and by recognizing the workers who are responsible for keeping America’s machinery running, VibrAlign aims to contribute to the resurgence of American manufacturing.


VibrAlign trainers and sales consultants are in plants all over America every day helping businesses use their resources more efficiently and effectively. VibrAlign understands firsthand the challenges faced by manufacturing in this country. U.S. manufacturing output is growing while the manufacturing workforce is growing smaller. The shrinking manufacturing workforce is being required to employ ever greater skills. One required skill is the ability to perform precision shaft alignments quickly and accurately.

According to David Zdrojewski, VibrAlign CEO, “Here at VibrAlign we want to Realign America. We really want to Realign America. To us that means doing all we can to help people perform better shaft alignments no matter what tool they use to do it. That’s why we have created the Realigning America website at, to celebrate all of America’s realigners, those men and women whose efforts are helping get American manufacturing back on top.”

VibrAlign invites anyone interested in contributing to America’s industrial resurgence to sign on the Realigning America campaign. Please visit the Realigning America website at and join the campaign.

VibrAlign is in its 30th year of business, having started in 1983 as a vibration and alignment service organization and later became a distributor of equipment which, appropriately, equipped the VibrAlign staff with leading edge alignment tools. VibrAlign is America’s exclusive distributor of Fixturlaser® – the manufacturer of the only touch screen tool available with 3D animation and sensor safeguard against sunlight. For thirty years now, VibrAlign has been growing across the United States. Today the company operates out of local offices in every major region.

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