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Vibration Institute Along With Acoustical Society of America Work Diligently to form American…

Oakbrook, IL – November 21, 2017

The Vibration Institute (VI) has worked with the Acoustical Society of America for over 40 years to develop standards on machine vibration measurement, monitoring, and analysis and certification of vibration analysts. During the last 4 years, the (VI) has sponsored an effort in conjunction with the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) to properly form and document a new comprehensive standard for shaft alignment. The ASA, a standards-writing body for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and manager of ANSI and the United States work with ISO for international standards, are expected to complete a methodology standards document and a vocabulary standards document for the topic of shaft alignment in the winter of this year.

The Vibration Institute, headed by VI members, began the difficult task of codifying and standardizing shaft alignment methodology, tools, techniques and more early in 2013. With the guidance of VI founder and Technical Director, Dr. Ron Eshleman, VI partnered with ASA to form a diverse volunteer working group to write the standard. ASA ASC S2 WG15 (Work Group 15), comprised of more than 35 experts across the field, met regularly, both in person and online, to make recommendations, form ideas, write and edit the standard to be useful to stakeholders and formed in accordance with ANSI specifications.

“A lot of good people were involved, but it takes a LOT of work in one’s spare time to start from scratch, bring dozens of people together for a common goal, find consensus of best practices and methods, and actually end up with an approved and published national standard in less than 4 years. It’s a good thing there were some talented volunteers in the workgroup!” noted Brian Biby, Co-Chair of Work Group 15, and VI board member.

The ASA shaft alignment document and can be found online at: ANSI/ASA S2.75-2017/Part 1.

For more than 40 years, the mission of the Vibration Institute has been to disseminate practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition without commercial interest. The Institute offers programs involving education, training, and ANSI accredited certification of vibration analysts. In addition, the Institute provides opportunities for exchanging technical knowledge, information, procedures, and data through meetings, publications, formal training and networking.

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