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Wear your Enterprise Asset Management System on your wrist

Wear your enterprise asset management systemThe fully working proof-of-concept demonstrates how notifications from IFS’s business applications can be delivered to wearable technology. Using Samsung’s APIs for notification alerts, IFS connected components of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Service Management
systems to send alerts in line with updates to certain processes. For example, field service operatives could be alerted when important items are shipped, key projects are started or completed, or even be notified when invoices are paid.

David Anderson, director of IFS Labs commented: “IFS is committed to mobility. Many of our customers have told us the importance of mobilizing their business applications so that employees can access the information they need and make educated decisions wherever they are in the field. As a recognized leader in the ERP market, we believe it’s important to innovate, test and develop emerging technologies within the context of how they can bring value to users of business applications.”

Industry analysts are forecasting formidable growth in the wearables market with Gartner estimating that the wearable electronics market will grow to $10 billion by 2016, and CCS Insight predicting that there will be up to 100million smartphone companions (e.g. smartwatches) by 2017.

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