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Wilcoxon Research changes corporate name to Meggitt (Maryland), Inc.

This change of legal name is not a change in the form of entity or a change in operation.  Meggitt (Maryland), Inc., (formerly Wilcoxon Research, Inc.) continues to be a legal entity incorporated in Maryland.  Customers and vendors have no need to novate or assign any current contracts or placed orders, as there is no change to the legal entity Meggitt (Maryland), Inc.

The name Wilcoxon Research will used to reference the company’s exceptional line of accelerometers and vibration products, but not as a legal entity.

The Meggitt group, of which Wilcoxon Research has been a member company since 2004, is now co-coordinating its businesses through five divisions.  Meggitt (Maryland), Inc., is one of eight facilities trading as Meggitt Sensing Systems.  The corporate name change announced today formalizes the company’s alignment with this new organizational structure.

This reorganization is designed to transform the Meggitt group from a set of strong individual businesses-around 30 worldwide - into one highly competitive, high performance engineering group.  Working together in this way will equip Meggitt to meet the needs of customers and partners better, thereby contributing to our mutual success.

Meggitt is moving toward four fully-integrated divisions or Strategic Business Units, each one dedicated to the development of complementary Meggitt technologies and capabilities - Polymers and Composites, Control Systems, Aircraft Braking Systems and Sensing Systems.  A fifth division will enable businesses representing specialized capabilities to maintain their market focus.  At the same time, they will benefit from the investment in shared services and standard processes driven by a more strongly coordinated center.

Over time, Meggitt Sensing Systems, as all Meggitt divisions, aims to enhance its approach to problem-solving for customers with an optimized engineering function.  This will be underpinned by a wider range of technologies and enhanced products that extend the Meggitt Sensing Systems range and simplify procurement for our customers.  The intent is to create a more cost-effective, capable and synergistic organization that will contribute to the future success of customers and vendors alike.

These changes do not affect existing lines of communication.  Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact your local Meggitt (Maryland), Inc., representative.  To learn more about the Wilcoxon Research line of accelerometers, 4-20 mA vibration sensors and transmitters, and sensor accessories, visit www.wilcoxon.com, call 800-WILCOXON, or email wilcoxon@meggitt.com.

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