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Wireless Machine Level: Now Available

February 8, 2017

GTI Predictive Technology is proud to announce the Wireless Machine Level. This product is a major leap forward from our previous 1-axis level and supports both the iPad and Windows computers.

GTI’s Wireless Machine Level is a 2-axis precision digital level that simultaneously displays two-dimensional plane angles, simplifying and resolving the hurdles of taking angles one axis at a time. For simple tasks the built-in display can be used to perform a leveling task, but the level stands out with its latency free Bluetooth connection to the iPad. Technicians can be more efficient leveling assets by viewing the live level data on the iPad as adjustments are being made.

Machinery can be leveled to a 0.001° angular measurement accuracy with GTI’s level. Product accuracy is verified by accredited 3rd party calibration and test service providers in USA, Japan, UK and Germany to conform with NIST, JIS, UKAS and DIN under ILAC and A2LA.

GTI has expanded compatibility to Microsoft Windows for the level adding additional flexibility. Windows users can also connect to the level over USB.

The Wireless Machine Level is available now. Pricing and additional information can be obtained by contacting GTI Predictive Technology at or calling us at (888) 473-9675.

About GTI Predictive Technology

Changing Predictive Technology: Founded in 1997, GTI Predictive Technology brings their experience in asset monitoring and repair to the predictive maintenance industry. Our passion for helping others through predictive maintenance allows us to continue to improve our products based on real customer demand.

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