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Wireless Vibration Analysis Made More Comfortable

The new firmware update includes several powerful new features for VIBCONNECT RF: Sending status and alarm emails, supporting Modbus TCP, reducing data overload, live visualization of measurement data and providing a 24V sensor unit version. The new features are supported by the current version of the proven OMNITREND software.

Wireless vibration analysisThe VIBCONNECT RF base station now automatically sends emails when an alarm or a warning occurs. This keeps plant operators regularly informed about the status of the machines and assists them in quickly recognizing possible irregularities.

Easy integration of VIBCONNECT RF into an existing process control system is now done with the support of Modbus TCP. The industrial communication protocol enables transmitting vibration data to a PLC through Ethernet. With Modbus TCP support VIBCONNECT RF is compatible with the visualization software ONLINE VIEW 4.0. Its browser-based dynamic web interface makes it possible to display live data not only on a PC, but also comfortably on tablets or smart phones.

With the improved OMNITREND data management, operators can directly influence the high resolution signal data acquisition (24 bits dynamic range) of the VIBCONNECT RF units. Measuring frequencies can be configured individually to meet the needs of each machine, and the user can also choose how often the measurements should be saved, in order to avoid data overload.

To be more flexible in data acquisition PRÜFTECHNIK provides VIBCONNECT RF’s sensor unit with an additional power option. The sensor unit either comes with a self-contained power source or the new 24V sensor unit version, which allows more frequent measurements, without worrying about battery life.
VIBCONNECT RF is the ideal condition monitoring system for large facilities with many standard machines like pumps and fans. Even if there is no line-of-sight between the base station and the sensor units, the wireless signals are transmitted error-free.

VIBCONNECT RF is available through your local PRÜFTECHNIK partner, the firmware and OMNITREND updates are included free of charge.

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