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WorkTech Unveils WorkTech Time 5.0

The newest release is a fully integrated to leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions helping employers save money on time management, absence management and data entry costs.  WorkTech Time 5.0 provides immediate validation on data entry and any associated errors, and provides enhanced abilities to retroactively adjust pay and for employee donated leave banks and cascading leave to insure employee’s receive their full pay check.  In addition, WorkTech Time 5.0 maintains various types of employee certifications aiding in insuring compliance of various mandates.

WorkTech Time 5.0 features two-way integration capabilities with all leading ERP applications such as Maximo, SAP, and Oracle, reducing the likelihood of user error and increasing user efficiency. The software suite also improves upon its predecessor with a more intuitive user interface, with dashboard key performance indicators (KPIs) that show the good and bad at a glance.  In addition to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, WorkTech Time 5.0 now supports Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers and Mac OS, allowing users to have broader access to time management.

“With WorkTech Time 5.0, everyone in an organization essentially looks at the same numbers so that there’s one version of the truth,” said WorkTech COO Tom Frederick. “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with WorkTech Time 5.0, and employers around the world will see firsthand what these new innovations will bring to the efficiency of their workforce.”

For more information on how WorkTech Time 5.0 can help your company, please contact Tom Frederick, COO of WorkTech at 617-625-5888, x 14, or by e-mail at

About WorkTech

Established in 1993, WorkTech began with a consulting practice centered on MRO Software’s Maximo® computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). During that time, WorkTech has established a proven record of helping organizations reduce their costs and increase their efficiency with flexible time and attendance software. WorkTech prides itself on maximizing the value of customers’ ERP investment with add-on products, including time and attendance management. That focus results in a set of extremely flexible software products that address the complex needs of workforce that are easily tailored to meet the needs of every user in the organization. Flagship software suites include Contractor Cost Tracking System (CCTS), WorkTech Time Suite, and QuickPick for IBM/Maximo.  WorkTech is headquartered in West Somerville, Mass

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