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World’s 1st Panoramic Thermal Image Recording Camera

Both G100 & G120 cameras were born in NEC Avio’s advanced engineering and production facilities, with the G120 featuring a unique Panoramic Thermal Image Recording mode that, as the camera is panned in a vertical or horizontal plane, automatically captures and stores sequential thermal images.  PC software then combines each image to create a full image of large areas or tall/wide objects, e.g. a bridge or multi-story building, for thermal analysis.

One-handed operation is easy with the G100/G120’s rotating monitor, similar to video cameras, and an ergonomic gun grip design. A built-in Target Illuminator LED lamp and built-in laser pointer provides pin-point measurement accuracy while ensuring safety. Weighing in at a mere 800g (1.76lbs) reduces user fatigue and strain burden when carried. Another unique world’s first feature included in the Model G120 a Vibration Alarm for sites where an alarm sound may not be heard easily or discreet alarms are preferred.

The InfRecTM Thermo GEAR Models G100 & G120 simultaneously record and display fused visual and temperature data images. Visual and thermal images may also be displayed side-by-side.

For price and availability on these latest technologies, Models G100 & G120 and other Thermal Imaging Cameras from NEC Avio Infrared Technologies, contact SOLTEC Corporation.

Basic Specifications for G100 & G120:

World’s First Panoramic Mode Thermal Imaging Cameras with a 3.5 inch Multi-angle LCD Screen

  • Record Thermal Video at 10 frames/second (G120)
  • Automatically capture images at preset intervals between 3 seconds and 60 minutes
  • Panoramic, vertical or horizontal pan mode for tall/wide objects (G120)
  • Excellent resolution of 0.08°C on a 320(H) x 240(V) pixel format w/standard 14mm lens.
  • -40°C to 500°C Temperature range / Extended option 350°C to 1500°C
  • 60 frames/second with a focal range of 10cm to infinity.
  • Digital Zoom from 1x to 4x with a 5-point Multi temperature display
  • Thumbnail Display of up to 9 frames simultaneously
  • Temperature Search Mode (high/low) with Audible/Vibrating Alarm (G120) Functions
  • SD Card Onboard Storage with USB port and Video Monitor output.
  • Li-Ion battery pack provides 4 hours of runtime (typical)
  • Packaged software for PC Analysis and Report generation


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