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Allows mechanics to easily write up deficiencies found on PM inspection tours as planned work to be done. System then automatically generates a planned maintenance work order. Automatically produces PM work orders on the right day, right meter reading etc.

Is able to display work load for PM for a future period such as a year by week or month by trade.

Is able to record short repairs done by PM mechanic and actual time spent.

Does the system support multiple levels of PM on the same asset, does it reset the clock if the high level is done (if you do a yearly rebuild, does the monthly PM clock get reset?)

PM's are generated by location by trade to facilitate efficient use of people and minimize travel.

Allow the input of data from Predictive Maintenance subsystems.

Highlights situations where the PM activity is more expensive than the breakdown.

Are there simple reports that relate the PM hours/materials to the corrective hours/materials to the emergency hours/materials? This will show the effectiveness of the PM program.

Tip from Joel Levitt
Author The Handbook of Maintenance Management

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