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If you want to improve your Maintenance and Reliability Program, assess your present program first. Some people feel they may know what has to be done, but unless an evaluation of present practices is conducted, you will find it very hard to develop a plan for improvement that includes all of the elements required. An assessment should be comprehensive and include all facets of maintenance as well as interfaces with operations. Who and what should be included? The assessment should involve all stakeholders as well as the workforce. That is, looking at all of the systems, EAM, CMMS, DDC and other controls. Next, perform a series of interviews from top to bottom. Making sure you use a team approach, putting all of the information together and analyzing it as a group. Compare the findings with "best practices" and develop an action plan that has to be funded, scheduled and implemented. Include management and approval will follow.

Tip provided by:Dave Abecunas, CMRP, Independent Reliability Consultant

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