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Assessment and Gap Analysis – A Crucial Part of the Journey

The complexity of today’s automobiles makes home repairs nearly impossible without high level skills and a great manual, a roadmap to the repair. Today’s industrial scene can be equally as challenging in improving the complex processes of maintenance and reliability; where do you start? That vexing question has a simple answer; it depends…

There is no cookie-cutter starting point; every operation differs, each is unique. You may have a vision for the future state but unless you have completed a thorough and proper analysis of the current state, the differential gaps between the states could be misleading. Perhaps you are weak in the foundation processes of work execution management, do you understand just where the weaknesses are hiding? The answers to this and a hundred other similar questions can only be gleaned by using a systematic approach to analysis and a thorough grounding in best practices.

A professionally executed assessment and gap analysis to best practices is a small investment but a crucial one; it will provide the answer to “Where do we start?” Without this, your journey to excellence will most probably become a trial and error effort with little return on your investment.

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Tip Provided by: Ralph Hedding, PE, CMRP
Principal Consultant

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