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Asset Criticality: The Essential Ingredient to Proactive Reliability

Establishing a truly effective reliability initiative can be a daunting task for most organizations while trying to remain focused on the primary job to be done, such as manufacturing their product.

One of the most essential elements that must be considered is what assets are most critical. When taking into account key elements of criticality such as cost of repair, lost production, product quality deficiencies; risk to the environment, other equipment and employees; consider appropriately weighting each category based upon what is really important.

Risk to the environment and employees are without question more important than product quality in the grand scheme of things. So be sure to put some thought into logically deploying your reliability initiative with a meaningful criticality assessment being one of the cornerstones from which to build upon. To learn more contact Commtest at success@commtest.com or 865-323-9421.

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