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Who owns your assets? The production operator or the mechanic? The "we run it, they fix it" mentality will not improve reliability. Operations should be an integral part of the maintenance process.

I'll use a car to illustrate the point. You own your car. You operate it responsibly (within its mechanical limits, without undue stress). You set aside the time to have the necessary maintenance done regularly and correctly. If you detect an abnormality between scheduled maintenance, you do some basic troubleshooting. When you need help, you turn to your mechanic.

You provide as much information as you can: what you were doing when you noticed something unusual, any sounds, smells, or other observations, troubleshooting you've already performed, maintenance history, and operational history. Thanks to early detection, you can provide your car to the mechanic when both of your schedules allow the best use of your time.

Downtime is optimized. Arrangements are made to perform any other scheduled maintenance while the asset is out of service. Because of early detection, ownership of the asset, and understanding the impact of failure, the operator and mechanic improve reliability. As the asset owner, the production operator enables the proactive environment to minimize downtime and maximize utilization of available resources.

Tip Provided by: Jeromy Risner CMRP - Consulting Engineer
Tel: +1 864.679.3500
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