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In this tip we want to point out one of the more important reliability improvement implementation steps; Clean & Prioritize your CMMS system. This is where we must take a hard look at our plant's physical assets. Is your CMMS system accurately capturing the data that is needed? Are your Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) data accurate and do you have up-to-date Bill of Materials (BOM)?
There is a tremendous amount of wasted resources when the CMMS system isn't up to par, so now is the right time to get this cleaned up. Start with what is important.
Next you will need to work on two areas in your CMMS that are very important to efficiently implement reliability improvement activities:

1. An accurate, up to date, Master Asset List
2. The creation of a meaningful Asset Criticality Ranking of all assets on your Master Asset List
With these two components you will have an accurate list of assets and you will know which assets are most important to your operation. With that information you can prioritize your reliability improvement efforts (and many other maintenance-related tasks). We will discuss Asset Criticality Assessment in our next tip.

Tip Provided By Mike Howard, Director, Reliability Solution
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