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At a recent conference, I was asked for the "Cut Off" value for critical machines. Not having a good idea of the intent of the question, I had to ask for clarification and the response was What is a good cut off value for classifying critical machines? Is it 20% or 25% or what is the right number? The question got me thinking about Criticality Assessments and how unique they are to each process and facility. If you do an honest assessment of your equipment and you see a high number of critical machines, defined as failures of assets that will cause harm to your people, harm to the environment, or harm to quality and / or throughput, and you have a very high percentage of these as critical, you might want to evaluate if you can sustain a meaningful maintenance strategy. Simply put, critical assets need attention and if you do not have the resources to attend to this equipment, it might be time to build some redundancy around the critical machines.

Tip Provided by: Rod Acklin, CMRP - General Manager, Commtest

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