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Many companies do not understand the importance or the "how-to" of selecting the right assets for your first RCM Blitz analysis. While it would be fantastic if every company understood the power and results that can be delivered through a focused and thorough criticality analysis, honestly, most will just point to a machine that breaks down regularly and that will be the one system that gets the RCM Analysis.

Not to sound cliché but any successful RCM effort requires the culture to possess these three things:

  1. Leadership
  2. Structure
  3. Discipline

*If you've got these 3, you're really a lot closer to success than many of the companies that don't!

Everybody knows that, when it comes to RCM, there is nothing more important than getting your effort off to a good start with a quick win! Wins deliver the proof necessary to gain lasting support throughout your business and the resources required to deliver world class results. Getting off to a good start requires planning and many who set out to perform a RCM Analysis don't know there are eight (8) Up-Front Tasks that you should take to smooth the way for greater success. *Training for RCM Blitz is available publicly or privately!

Up-Front Tasks

Step 1 - Use a formal process to rank your assets for System Selection using a criticality Analysis
Step 2 - Use Reliability Measures to determine the reliability of your critical assets
Step 3 - Write an Operational History Report
Step 4 - Gather History, Drawings, OEM's and Procedures
Step 5 - Estimate the Analysis Size
Step 6 - Select your RCM Team (Cross-functional works best)
Step 7 - Write your RCM Analysis Contract
Step 8 - Conduct RCM Team Training

From this Up-Front Tasks list you can see that it will require some preparation to begin a successful RCM Analysis.

*Don't underestimate the power or importance of having these 8 items completed prior to beginning any RCM Analysis!

Do you want to know more about what it takes to really make RCM work for you? If so, join Doug Plucknette, Creator of RCM Blitz at the Reliability 2.0 conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the Chill-Out Session on Wednesday April 21ar at 3:45pm. Grab a beer or other refreshing beverage and get the information you need to prepare for an RCM Analysis, The differentiators between traditional RCM and the RCM Blitz Methodologies and how reporting can help your organization focus the implementations based on the Analyses findings. It's an open and interactive Focal Point Session where your RCM Analysis success is our priority! Don't Miss Out!

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