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Do You Know the 5 Pillars of MRO? Do You Use Them?

There are 5 strong pillars needed to develop a program of MRO (Maintenance parts, repair parts, and operating supplies) and the maintenance storeroom.
The pillars are:

1. Storeroom Management
2. MRO Buying and Purchasing Management
3. Inventory Management
4. Supplier Management
5. Work Processes

Spanning the pillars like a roof is the Computer System. The foundation consists of three elements necessary to build the pillars on: management commitment, the establishment of partnerships among departments and facilities, and the management emphasis on continuous improvement, quality assurance, and team involvement. Collectively, all of these items build a structure that enables you to move forward in your Storeroom processes.

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Tip Provided By: Daniel DeWald CPIM,CMRP, CPM, CPMM, Senior Consultant People and Processes, Inc.

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