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Educate Others in Your Organization About Your Infrared Program To Gain Acceptance

One quick way to help your infrared program gain acceptance is to educate others in your organization (especially those who are important decision-makers) about the success of your efforts. Doing so validates the program and enables you to be recognized as a valuable asset to the company.

Look over your inspections from the past six months. Pick out one or two and write up a simple case history about them. Be sure to include both thermal and visual color photographs as well as cost savings information.

Post these inspections to a bulletin board in your plant or have one published in a corporate newsletter. With support of management, consider getting your report printed in a periodical or presented at a professional conference. This will re-enforce the value that your efforts create for the company and help support your infrared inspection program in the long-run.

Tip provided by John Snell
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