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Deliver the Desired Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

The simple process that follows can be used to drive useful life to deliver the desired mean time between failures (MTBF):

  1. Subtracting the as-found condition from the as-left condition will determine the amount of deterioration.
  2. Dividing the amount of deterioration by the amount of time between when as-left and as-found measurements were made will determine the deterioration rate.
  3. Identifying the condition at which a component will no longer be able to perform its required function.
  4. Calculating the time required to deteriorate from the current condition to the point of failure.
  5. Comparing the time required to deteriorate to failure to the desired MTBF.
  6. Replacing all elements that will not survive beyond the run length needed to support the targeted MTBF.

Tip from Critical Connections by Daniel Daley

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