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Equipment Reliability is Vital in the Power Industry - Transition Your Asset Care Program to CBM

Transition your asset care program to condition-based, particularly when assets directly impact a single generator output. Reliability improvement is critical to eliminating unplanned plant outages and to optimize scheduled outages. Any unplanned plant outage during peak demand periods could result in a need to purchase power on the open market to cover demand.

With a CBM-centric reliability program in place, you can reduce operational risk and relative downtime (reduction in functional failures), extend outage cycles and, all the while, lower operating and maintenance costs without reducing headcount. In addition, you will capture knowledge about aging equipment from a skilled and aging workforce and improve compliance with CO2 regulations. Transition your asset care program to a CBM centric approach and make better decisions based on more accurate, timely, and complete information.

Tip provided by Ivara, for ideas on how to make the transition, visit http://www.ivara.com/solution/by-industry/utilities/

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