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By general design, electric motors are typically designed for an ambient temperature range of 40°C (100°F) to about -20°C (-4°F). Below -25°C (-13°F), you must consider the lubrication and material being used in the manufacturing of the motor. Most common material changes would be in fans, shafts, frames, and end brackets between -25°C (-13°F) and -60°C (-76°F) depending on the material type and application. Totally enclosed motors should also be considered for motors that operate in a consistently harsh environment. Motors should not be stored in extreme cold conditions, rather store them in an indoor climate controlled environment and rotate the shafts periodically to distribute lubrication. It is also important to remain committed to online and offline testing of motors in these environmental conditions to avoid catastrophic failure due to motor degradation as a result of climate change and material breakdown.

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