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Failure Analysis Starts with Failure Codes

Problem and failure codes give maintenance operations vital insights into corrective maintenance activities. Jump-start your RCM initiative with the industry’s largest Problem–Failure–Action–Cause coding library. Our codes are equipment class specific, so you get deep and precise information about where problems are originating, which components are failing, and which failures are costing the most money.

  • 1,500 Problem–Failure–Action–Cause codes
  • 200,000 failure relationships
  • 167 distinct equipment classes

Forget the long development process. Build on our foundation and cut development time by 90%. Our coding library has been developed over 20 years to give you a rock-solid foundation for reliability reporting and analysis.

For a sample set of codes, pricing, or a demo of the complete library, contact:

SwainSmith, Inc.
Phone: (828) 215-9471

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