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Just another tip you can use to find where a vibration is coming from in a complex machine with a lot of different roll speeds belt speeds.

I was called to a paper packaging machine which has a lot of different rotating components in it. The machine operator had noticed a vibration through the machine that wasn't present before. I was able to detect the frequency of the vibration by using a vibration analyzer, but because there were so many rotating components in the machine it was difficult to determine the exact cause of the vibration.

I decided to use a strobe light and set it to the frequency that I had picked up with the analyzer. I pointed it over different sections of the machine to see if anything was moving at that frequency and found that it was one of the belts that was loose. You could see it very clear by using the strobe light.

By using the vibration analyzer to determine what frequency the vibration was and then using the strobe to visually see what was causing it made it easier than working out all the belt speeds and different roll speeds in the machine.

Reader tip provided by Robert Burford
Vibration Technician
Kimberly Clark Australia
Mount Gambier
South Australia

Thanks Robert - you are upholding the fine tradition of great maintenance tips from the land down under! Your diamond plate stainless steel coffee mug is on the way!

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