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I routinely get emails from articles, i-Presentations, Webinars, and Maintenance Tips provided to Reliability Web (thanks Terry) they all seem to start the same way... My CMMS or EAM is a big disappointment and I can't do or see a lot of the things you've been writing about. Please recommend a new system I should purchase.

I subscribe to the fact that unless it is an antiquated system, (and even some of those provide everything needed) it's not a matter of implementing a new system, it's a matter of understanding the difference between system induced limitations, implementation induced limitations, or knowledge induced limitations.

The easiest way to determine the root cause of your limitations is an assessment/evaluation of your system in your environment, with your utilization of it. With implementation costs of new systems reaching 8 - 12 times the cost of the system one must be certain it is a system limitation prior to replacement. Take comfort in knowing that 90% of the assessment/evaluations show that the limitations where induced from implementation and knowledge, not system limitations.

Assess and evaluate your system today and develop a plan to address the identified deficiencies. Typical assessment and evaluations can be performed in 5-days with a game plan to address issues. This cost effective approach can be performed at a fraction of the replacement cost. You've invested the time and money into your CMMS/EAM, maybe it's time to ensure its giving you what you need. Contact us for more information at

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